Personal Training

Personal Training

At Moving Stretch Therapy, we strive to empower you to live a healthier life while reaching your goals. We combine science-based personal training, an on-site flexibility and mobility program, yoga therapy, nutrition services, and many more wellness solutions to take your health beyond the gym floor. Your journey doesn’t end after your workout.

We believe health is a complete circle: it takes improving all aspects of your well-being to get you in the best shape of your life. Drawing from our exceptional Trainers who have many years of training hundreds of clients as well as their own experiences, we have created an environment where you have a health and wellness team centered around your fitness training to address your needs and help you become the athlete/partner/musician/person you were always meant to be or recover from an injury or setback. Our knowledgeable and accomplished Trainers with help you every step of the way and ensure you are doing everything correctly and efficiently. Choose from a variety of packages to get to your goals quickly and safely.

MST offers Personal Training in three formats: 1-on-1 training (in our space or your home gym), small group and online programming. We require that all members train a minimum of two times per week.

Online Programming:

Programs consist of detailed with day-to-day task. They are normally 3/4x hard days a week with 3/4x recovery days and are four weeks long. They change every month depending current goals and time of year. We utilize the conjugate style for our programs, meaning we work our way from a foundation to strength, strength-power hybrid, power, power endurance, endurance, and back to foundation throughout the year. We offer two different styles of remote programming listed below.

These are the programs that are made for the masses and usually what our small group gym members are doing for the month. The workout are very detailed with proper warms ups, specific warm ups, workouts, and cool downs. These programs cover a wide variety of movements and skills. This style program would be for anyone who is interested in bettering his or her overall General Fitness. With this program we communicate with each other at the beginning of each month to discuss any questions you have regarding the upcoming program.

This would be a program for a person interested in specific sports, military personal, or someone who has a specific goal they want to conquer. The recovery and hard days are programmed for specifically your goals. This is where you can add a lot of personalized details and injury prevention into warm ups & specific warm ups each day. For instance, if you need to get better at rope climbs, pull-ups, or rowing we would put tailor the workout sessions to your needs. This is also good for military/crossfit personnel doing multiple workouts a day and we would tailor things to your workout schedule. This is also good for a person who travels often and would need park/hotel workouts. With this option we would communicate weekly or more if needed.