Western doctors and scientists are discovering additional health benefits of hatha yoga. Studies have shown that it can relieve the symptoms of several common and potentially life-threatening illnesses; such as arthritis, arteriosclerosis, chronic fatigue, diabetes, AIDS, asthma and obesity. Many believe it even fends off the ravages of old age. 

Yoga is distinctly different from other kinds of exercise. It generates motion without causing strain and imbalances in the body. When practiced correctly, hatha yoga has no such negative effects on either the inner or outer body. 

When done with dedication and purpose, hatha yoga can be a quite demanding, yet an immensely rewarding type of exercise. While not inherently aerobic, it involves almost every muscle, organ and all the systems in the body and challenges the body to work in a different way. Some forms of yoga are more passive than others. Since the limbs function as free weights, resistance is created by moving the body’s center of gravity. This strengthening gives way to endurance as poses are held for longer periods of time.  Yoga is for every body. A consistent yoga practice can quiet the mind and refresh the body, bringing health, relaxation, and happiness. 

Moving Stretch Therapy offers Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Kripalu yoga sessions as well as Private Yoga Therapy sessions for various conditions including Pregnancy, Back Pain, Osteoporosis, athletes, musicians and other special populations.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Deeply relaxing and releases stress and tension
  • Increases flexibility and joint mobility
  • Assists in weight loss
  • Relieves back pain and soreness
  • Improves various musculoskeletal conditions
  • Strengthens and tones muscles
  • Develops balance and coordination
  • Decreases cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Improves breathing disorders and heart conditions
  • Improves stamina, circulation, digestion and elimination
  • Increased body awareness and sharpens concentration
  • Brings the systems of the body into balance
  • Increases blood and lymph flow
  • Stimulates the glands of the endocrine system
  • Massages the internal organs for optimum blood supply throughout the body.
  • Asana, pranayama and meditation deepens the connection between the mind, body and spirit resulting in balance in one’s life.